Carey’s back with a too-smart idea

This is Carey Baird. A few months ago, he launched something called Fresh Store Builder.

And you guys LOVED it!

Like, 1000-of-you-bought kind of loved it.

And not only that, you came back to tell me how much you loved the product.

So now he’s put out something new, and I figure it would just be criminal if I didn’t tell you about that as well.

So this is Fresh Bundle Master.

And it’s a super-clever way of getting 300% more commission from any Amazon site, in ANY niche, without any more traffic!

Here’s the clever bit:

Instead of selling one product, it lets you sell 5, 6, 7 or more… all at once.

If you’re making big money from Amazon… like, REALLY big money, pay-Warren-Buffet-to-be-your-butler kind of money…

You’re not trying to sell just one product at a time.

You’re trying to sell lots.

But normally, that means persuading your customers to hit like 5 or 6 buy links.

Bleh. Rubbish. As if anyone has time for that…

That’s why Carey’s new plugin is super-clever:

You get to pick any products from Amazon and turn them into bundles.

Fresh Bundle Master gives you one affiliate link that adds EVERYTHING to your customer’s basket… Ka-ching!

And of course it comes with 90-day cookies, multiple bundle layouts, smart searching to find the best products for your bundle and a whole load of cool stuff like that.

And that’s how Carey got a 300% commission increase without getting any extra traffic to his sites.

Anyhow, because this is all brand new, the price is really low right now.

It’ll be going up to around $100 pretty soon… but right now it’s real cheap!

In a few days, the full price kicks in —
— so go take a look right now!

To your success,


Getting Certified landed Mike a job…

This made my day – and it’s a big part of WHY we do what we do every day at DigitalMarketer:

Mike went through the Content Marketing Mastery Class, passed the Certification test, learned some great new skills, and got certified as a Content Marketing Specialist… 

…then he landed himself a new job!

He even impressed his new boss so much, he’s asking Mike to teach him a few things…

That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I want YOU to get the same certification that Mike used to land his new job… and I want to give it to you for FREE (but only for a few more days)…

…when you invest in the Content Marketing Mastery Course right now.

The Content Marketing Mastery BETA class is ending in a few days…

…and once it’s over you’ll have to pay an extra $500 to get certified. 

BUT, everyone enrolls in the next few days will become certified by Digital Marketer and receive this certificate and badge:

(you’ll still have to complete the course and pass the exam… but you won’t have to pay the extra $500 to get certified)

So if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to join and save $500!

Go here to get all the details on how to get certified for free:

So get the Content Marketing Mastery Course right now, and we’ll still include the Certification testing…

…saving you $500 by acting right now:

Or wait, and you’ll kick yourself (and pay more) later for not taking action today.

Talk soon,
Ryan Deiss

P.S. Taking the Certification programs helped Mike land a new job.

What can they do for you?

Join the Content Marketing Course and Certification program and find out:

What’s your #1 source of new traffic and leads?

I’m going to be very direct, and to the point…

Every day someone asks me, “What’s your #1 source of new traffic and leads?”

My answer: Facebook

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but what IS a huge surprise (to me at least) is that most marketers still aren’t doing it…or they aren’t doing it the right way.

Fortunately, we’ve documented our exact, step-by-step process for buying Facebook ads (along with other traffic channels such as Google and YouTube) in this brand-new course:

I’m not going to spend a lot of time selling you on this.

The fact is, your business needs traffic, and this class will show you how to get it.

I can’t for the life of me see why that wouldn’t interest you, but if for some reason you still haven’t checked it out, here’s the link again:

If you continue to remain disinterested, that’s fine…just don’t complain that your site doesn’t get enough traffic or that you aren’t getting any new leads.

I’ve already told you where to get it (Facebook) and have offered you our step-by-step plan for doing it (the “Paid Traffic Mastery” class), so you’re kind of out of excuses.

Yes, it will cost some money to learn and even more to actually buy the traffic.

I’m not hiding that or pretending this is some “free traffic” strategy (as if those actually exist at scale anymore)…

…but if you’re ready to start generating traffic the way that WE generate traffic, here’s the guide to do it:

Ok, I’m done now. :)


P.S. See, I told you it was going to be direct, but my hope is that I didn’t come off as rude. To be completely blunt and honest, though, I’m sick of people asking me the question and not being happy with the answer.

Come on…did you really think that there was some secret source of free traffic that would solve all your problems and make you a bazillionaire? I hope not.

Free Optimizing Your Images Guide & Longtail Pro Price Going Up

The most common issue we see on people sites when they show them to us are the images they use. Whenever somebody asks us to look at their site the first thing we do is run it through GTmetrix, this quickly shows you exactly how the site loads and lets you pick out any problem areas.


It is not uncommon for people to send us sites where the homepage images are several megabytes in size, and this is completely unnecessary!

With just a few manual steps, and then some easy to use plugins, you can optimize your images and reduce your site load time. Quicker sites result in happier users, which results in lower bounce rates … and we all know Google loves low bounce rates.

So we have added a new free guide on ‘How To Optimize Images for WordPress’,
LongTail Pro Price Increase Coming

The current launch week sale for LongTail Pro is on, but I am now told that rather than keeping the price at $27 all week it is going to be increasing as we go. The first increase will be in less than 48 hours from this email going out. You can actually still see the usual price of $97 on the main sales page if you visit that, the $27 price is only available through the special links for this week.

Now a few people have asked me to clarify what the Platinum version is, as this is an ‘upsell’ on the usual version.

Platinum gives you 3 new features
You can save your favourite keywords at a click of a button
It allows you to import keywords from other tools, so if you have a list of keywords from our other favourite tool Keyword Researcher but limited date on those keywords you can pull it in to LongTail Platinum.
Automated complexity score. This is the real ‘meat and potatoes’ and what makes using LongTail Platinum so easy. Rather than having to look at all the data yourself you can quickly run an algorithm on all the collected data and get a simple 0-100 score showing you how complex that term should be to rank for.

  • 0 to 10 – No competition (Nuke and rank easily)
  • 10 to 20 – Extremely low competition (Nuke + Tier1 sites to rank)
  • 20 to 30 – Low competition (Nuke, Tier 1 + PBN to rank)
  • 30 to 40 – Moderate Competition (Nuke, quality T1, PBN + More)
  • 40 to 50 – Somewhat High Competition (Long Term projects only)
  • 50 to 60 – Very High Competition (Authority site needed)
  • 60 to 70 – Extremely High Competition
  • 70 to 100 – Don’t even think about it!

The lower the score the easier it will generally be to rank, so you can save yourself a lot of time by not working pointlessly on something with an extremely high ranking competition.

That only covers briefly what the software does, it is covered a bit more in the 11 page ‘Five Strategies for LongTail Platinum’ guide they made about 4 weeks ago if you want to see some more, it is a free read.

Normally Platinum is $27/month but during the launch week it is $17/month or $197 for lifetime. They have never run a lifetime before, and possibly never will again.

I hope that clears a few things up, and I do hope you grab yourself a bargain as it beats the hell our of most of the other tools out there.