This is Carey Baird. A few months ago, he launched something called Fresh Store Builder.

And you guys LOVED it!

Like, 1000-of-you-bought kind of loved it.

And not only that, you came back to tell me how much you loved the product.

So now he’s put out something new, and I figure it would just be criminal if I didn’t tell you about that as well.

So this is Fresh Bundle Master.

And it’s a super-clever way of getting 300% more commission from any Amazon site, in ANY niche, without any more traffic!

Here’s the clever bit:

Instead of selling one product, it lets you sell 5, 6, 7 or more… all at once.

If you’re making big money from Amazon… like, REALLY big money, pay-Warren-Buffet-to-be-your-butler kind of money…

You’re not trying to sell just one product at a time.

You’re trying to sell lots.

But normally, that means persuading your customers to hit like 5 or 6 buy links.

Bleh. Rubbish. As if anyone has time for that…

That’s why Carey’s new plugin is super-clever:

You get to pick any products from Amazon and turn them into bundles.

Fresh Bundle Master gives you one affiliate link that adds EVERYTHING to your customer’s basket… Ka-ching!

And of course it comes with 90-day cookies, multiple bundle layouts, smart searching to find the best products for your bundle and a whole load of cool stuff like that.

And that’s how Carey got a 300% commission increase without getting any extra traffic to his sites.

Anyhow, because this is all brand new, the price is really low right now.

It’ll be going up to around $100 pretty soon… but right now it’s real cheap!

In a few days, the full price kicks in —
— so go take a look right now!

To your success,